Providing a Safe Home Working Environment for Your FDW

Employers are responsible for their FDWs’ safety. She may come from an

environment that does not present the same dangers that you have learnt to

deal with. Supervise your FDW closely so that she knows how to perform

household chores safely. Go through the following with her:

Laundry Hanging

If you live in a high-rise building, your FDW must take extra safety precautions when hanging laundry

  1. Make sure feet are firmly on the floor, and the body is inside the apartment.

  2. Hang the heavier clothes nearer to the the apartment with  lighter clothing at  at the further end of pole.                                         

Gas Stove

Familiarize your maid with your gas stove and the operating knobs.  Not all gas stove have the same designs. It is important that you as the employers demonstrate switch on and off , and supervise her ability ti do so safely.


Cleaning Windows

MOM has announced that Employers , must ensure that their maid cleaning the exterior windows  (except on ground floor or along common corridors):

  1. The employer or an adult representative of the employer is physically present to supervise the FDW; and

  2. Window grilles have been installed and are locked at all times during the cleaning process.

  3. A Safety Agreement between the FDW and the Em[lyer has been signed on this.

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