Changes that you Need Notify MOM About

During your maid employment with you, you are required to Notify MOM if any change occurs in the following areas:

  • Change in residential address.  You need to go Immigration Check Point Control Building or any or  Any neighborhood police post or centre  and report change within 2 weeks. 

  • Change in Personal Particulars of the maid especially passport Notify MOM

  • If you are lowering your maid’s salary. There is no need to inform MOM if you are increasing your maid’s salary

  • I you are providing a reference for your worker for other Employment Agencies or employers.

  • If your maid is pregnant  Go to MOM iSubmit . Provide name of maid. Work Permit number, Doctor's letter

  • Death of a maid

Notify MOM


If your maid is pregnant Go to iSubmit providing details. The maid will have to be repatriated soonest by the Employer at his expense.

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