To ensure that your maid gets enough mental and physical rest, a rest day per week is mandated.

The rest day is part of the Contract between you and your Maid signed at Housekeepers’ Office.

Changes are allowed but your Maid has to agree to it, in writing so as to avoid any dispute.

If your  Maid agrees to work on her rest day, you must compensate her with a rest day salary, or a replacement off day within the month.

The compensation is calculated by dividing her basic salary by 26 working days.

For example, your maid's pay is S$500. Every rest day she did not enjoy, she has to be paid 500/26 = S$19.23 as her salary in-lieu of offday not taken. Rounding off upwards is allowed, so S$19.25 to S$20 per day is permissible. See MOM Rules on this

The rest day can be any day of the week, but Sunday is a preferred  day as this allows your Maid to socialise and unwind with fellow maids from her country, or visit places of worship, or attend courses specially organised  by charitable NGOs to upgrade the Maids' domestic household skills and vocational skills.

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