MOM's Employment Rules for FDW

MOM has strict Rules on Employment of maids.

  • Your maid must have a valid Work Permit Card.

  • The maid can only perform household chores.

  • The Maid cannot do any part-time work,

  • Your maid can only work at the registered address on her Work Permit Card. If she is accompanying the children to a relative or friends home, to care for the children under the supervision of the friend or relative, this is allowed:                  a. During day time.                                                                                                                                            b. The maid must agree to it.                                                                                                                              c. Employer must ensure that the maid does not do the full load of housework in both homes.

Work such as cleaning the employer’s office occasionally is not allowed. In the event of an accident, the Maid may not be covered by Insurance.

The Employer is responsible for the upkeep of the maid which include a room, sufficient food, 8 hours sleep a day. The Employer must pay for medical treatment when needed. Co-payment of medical treatment costs above the Insured sum is not allowed.

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