Transferring A Current Housekeepers’ Deployed Maid Under Loan

The Standard Service Agreement signed between the Employer and Housekeepers allows for a transfer at least 30 days after deployment. The Contract you signed with your current maid may have a Notice Clause stipulating a 30-day notice either way between the Employer and the maid.This is to allow the maid reasonable time to get accustomed to the current employer and her family.

When the maid is still under Placement Loan repayment period, the “unused portion” of the Placement Loan shall go towards discounting the replacement maid’s new Placement Loan.

A new Agency Fees which may be a discounted replacement fees within the agreed validity period may be enjoyed by the Employer for the replacement maid.

The current maid to be transferred can be :

  • For the purpose of being interviewed by prospective new employers, the current Employer can arrange for the maid to be accommodated by Housekeepers’ at her cost during the transfer period. The Employer shall pay the upkeep cost per day agreed in the Standard Service Agreement.

  • Continue to stay at the Employer’s house while being released through prior consent by the current employer during office hours to be interviewed by prospective employers.

When your current maid is being transferred, you can engage a New Maid as a

  • Replacement Maid. You have quota for only one maid. Your new maid is applied at MOM as a Replacement Maid. MOM typically allows for a handover period of up to 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, you current Maid has to be cancelled.

  • Additional Maid. You have quota for a second maid. Your new maid can arrive in Singapore as an Additional Maid while your current maid serves out her Notice Period. Anytime, thereafter, at your pleasure, you can choose to transfer, or cancel and repatriate your current maid. This arrangement suits you better if you cannot afford not to have a maid while waiting for your new maid's arrival.

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