Housekeepers' Training Centres

Housekeepers' training in all countries generally covers (with variation for each country's needs) :-

  • Working in Singapore. The country, the culture, the Laws and home security, home safety, the expectations of a FDW (Willing to learn, personal hygiene, attitude, conduct, honesty)

  • Training for the Job, Core Skills such as cooking, laundering and ironing, housekeeping, household equipment, planning work

  • Additional skills in Baby-care and Elderly-care

  • Basic Oral English and Singlish 

  • Caring for the Employer's Family

  • Situational Training 

English Training in Batam

English Training in Yangon

Cooking Class

Laundry Training

Ironing Training

Intro and use

of Household Equipement


All Maids



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