TransferingYour Current Maid

To transfer the current Maid, for a replacement maid or at end of contract,  the Employer needs to : 

  • Pay for accommodation for up to 2 week (in advance) or shorter if transferred earlier. Employer also need to agree to extend in case no suitable employer is found within the first 2 weeks.

  • In the event, your Maid cannot be successfully transferred after the 2 more weeks' of extension,  you, the current Employer, has to bear the cost of sending her home.

  • Pay the levy during the transfer period till the Work Permit is automatically cancelled by MOM on the day the new Employer issue her Work Permit.

Housekeepers’ will return your transferred maid’s Work Permit Card to MOM within a week.


Your Security Bond will be discharged by MOM 1 week after your transferred maid works for the new Employer.

No fee is charged for service rendered to transfer your maid.

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