Sending or Repatriate a Maid Home

Within the 2 Years’ Contract.  Employer will need to consult Housekeepers for advice. There are 2 clauses that you have to note : a. Clause 4 of the Standard Agreement requires the Employer to employ the New Maid “for a minimum of 30 days…”   b. Clause 18 of the Standard Employment Contract requires that employer “…may terminate this Contract by giving 30 days’ notice.”


At the End of the Contract or Mutual Agreement to Terminate

The steps are :

  1. Alert Housekeepers of your decision to send the maid home.

  2. Housekeepers can Cancel your Maid’s Work Permit on your behalf (The Authorisation Form to appoint Housekeepers to cancel needs to be emailed to us)

  3. At Housekeepers, with you and your maid present, we can witnessed that  a. You have settled all salary matters. b. That her air ticket is paid by you, as required by Law, to the International Airport nearest the maid’s home, and with check-in baggage allowance (again required by Law). That you have compensated the maid for the on-ward journey from the Airport to her home for her transport and meals.

  4. The Maid must leave Singapore within 2 weeks’ after cancellation.

  5. All maids need not pay any Income Tax nor need tax clearance to leave Singapore.

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