Renew, Terminate, Transfer or Send Home

Renewing Your Maid’s Contract

Every Maid’s Contract runs for 2 years.

Before renewal, you may want to discuss with your maid :

  • Pay increase? It is typical to increase salary by S$50 for her experience and loyalty for a renewed contract.

  • Home leave of up to 2 weeks. Your Contract may state terms such as paid leave and duration, or payment of air ticket by employer. Check your Contracts. If these are not stated, mutual agreement is allowed by MOM

About 8 weeks  before the end of your Maid’s 2 years Work Permit granted, MOM will send a Renewal Letter to you. Housekeepers can help you renew for a fee or you can go On-Line and renew yourself at MOM.  MOM charges $35 for a 2-year renewal.


For renewal, you will need the following:

In exceptional cases, such as the Maid has not done finger–printing for a long time, a visit to MOM for finger printing may be required. The E-Issue Letter from MOM will state whether this is needed or not.

Your Maid’s old permit card may need to be returned to MOM. A new Card will be send to Housekeepers to be forwarded to you or to your indicated address.



Housekeepers’ Contract, mirroring MOM’s sample Standard Agreement between the Employer and Agency, and the MOM’s sample Contract between the Employer and the Maid, allow for a 30 days’ notice or payment in lieu of notice by either party to terminate the Contract. This is not considered a breach of contract.

The Employer is also allowed to terminate based on disciplinary grounds.

For new Maids still under Placement Loan repayment period, please check Dispute with Your Maid, on transfer or repatriation actions to consider.

Housekeepers’ will assist the Employer to find and apply for a replacement maid. A fee may be charged. The Employer must ensure that all salaries are paid to the Maid.

Housekeepers can also assist to deploy the Maid to another employer or repatriating her home. For repatriation services, a fee may be charged.


To transfer the Maid, the Employer needs to : 

  • Needs to fill up the Authorisation to Transfer.

  • Pay for accommodation for up to 2 week or shorter, or agree to extend in case no suitable employer is found within the period In the event, your Maid cannot be successfully transferred, you, the current Employer has to bear the cost of sending her home.

  • Pay the levy during the transfer period till the Work Permit is automatically cancelled by MOM on the day the new Employer issue her Work Permit.

Housekeepers’ will return your transferred maid’s Work Permit Card to MOM within a week. Your Security Bond will be discharged by MOM 1 week after your transferred maid works for the new Employer.

No fee is charged for service rendered to transfer your maid.

Sending a foreign domestic worker home

Either the Maid can decide not to renew, or the Employer can decide to send her home disallowing renewal, even if requested by the Maid. The Employer can also not agree to a Maid’s request to transfer.

Housekeepers’ can assist you to send your maid home. A fee may be charged. The requirements are : 

  • Your Maid’s passport must still be valid.

  • Before cancellation, a confirmed flight is necessary to apply for the cancellation and for a Special Pass to be issued by MOM for the Maid to leave the country.The confirmed flight must be the nearest International Airport nearest too her home. The Employer needs to give to the Maid reasonable allowance for air baggage, accommodation (if needed), food and transportation to sustain her during her transit journey to her hometown. For Myanmar and the Philippines, Housekeepers’ can assist with these arrangements in Yangon and Manila. A fee may be charged.

  • Your Maid must leave Singapore within 2 weeks of cancellation.

  • All salaries matter with your maid must be resolved. Housekeepers’ can stand as witness.​


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