Process for A New Maid

                Service Agreement between Employment Agency and Employer (See Sample at MOM)

                Contract between the Employer and the Maid, including Safety Agreement. Read More at MOM

                Job Scope (See More)

                Your selected Maid's Medical Insurance Package and the Security Bond (See more)

                Receipt for the Agency and documentation Fees


  • We apply the following

               The IPA with MOM

               The Settling-In Programme (SIP) for new maid (See More)


  • In the maid’s country, we will prepare your maid's


               Medical Examination

               Other exit documentation, process requirements, exit permit and immigration exit requirements

               Purchase  flight ticket

               MOM’s entry documents such as the IPA, Security Bond to facilitate the maid’s entry into Singapore 


  • In Singapore, we :

              Pick up the maid at Changi Airport.  

              Send her for Medical Examination

              Send for the SIP.

              Apply the E-Issuance appointment with MOM

              Send her for the MOM Finger Printing


  • The maid is housed at our accommodation till she is ready for your pick up at our office.

  • Finally, at her deployment to you in our office, we complete the process with the full payments that are due such as the Employer’s Loan for Salary Deduction, and a copy of all the legal documents relating to the Maid’s employment by you. The Maid's Work Permit Card and her passport will be handed to you and the maid.

  • We provide follow up services for counselling of the maid, 6-monthly medical examination, renewal of contract, repatriation when requested for.  A fee may be applicable for each of these services.

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