New maid (also known as First Timer or Fresh Maid) are maids who have not worked in Singapore before as  Maids.


Transfer Maids are maids who had worked in Singapore either as  (1) First Timer who has finished E-Issuance and transfers to another employer  or a  maid who has  worked for any period of time and transfer. (2) The Maid, holding a valid Work Permit Card, must be in Singapore and applies for a new employer.


New Maid of Transfer Maid – Which is Better?

Opinions differ very widely. But some viewpoints are listed below.

Case for New Maid

  • New to Singapore, less friends and distraction work better, some employers, say.

  • No preconceived ideas – easier to adapt to current employer or “train”

  • Less likely to “talk back”, others say.

  • Not Likely to job hop  as more committed to complete contract with current employer

  • Likely to accept less off days (may be needed for care giver maid) and hand phone use regulations

  • Less demanding in Job Scope demand and are likely to be more willing to try out  Employer with more rules governing off days and public holidays’ work, hand phone use, dietary requirements,  or has larger family, bigger house, baby and elderly care or handicapped family member with special needs (eg autistic).


Case for Transfer Maid

  • Less likely to feel homesick and no need for adaptation period. Less training required of Employer

  • Relevant experience in particular skill set needed by Employer be it good cook, expert baby care, relevant elderly care experience in a particular health care need.

  • May have right references from employers of a particular country/culture.

  • Lower Agency Service Fees and Placement Fees – 1 to 2 months for each category

  • May have wider skills sets such home party organisation, marketing, knowledge of Singapore. May be able to manage home with children while Employer travels.

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