Medical Examination for the Maid

Pre-Employment Medical

Housekeepers will send your selected maid in her home country for a medical

examination before flying her in to Singapore.

In Singapore, Housekeepers will send your maid for the

Pre-Employment Medical Examination which encompasses

4 types of infectious disease (tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis and malaria)

and checks if she is fit to work. This will be done on the second day after

landing in Singapore, well before the MOM's  deadline of 2 weeks.


The Medical Fees for the Pre-Employment are charged as part

of the Agency Fees by Housekeepers.


6 Monthly Medical Examination (6ME)

About 2 months before it is due, MOM will send a Notification Letter to you to send your maid for the 6 ME.

MOM requires every 6 Month Medical Examination for your maid to be screened by a Singapore-registered doctor for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as syphilis.   HIV and tuberculosis are additional tests for every 2 year period.

Most General Practitioners charge about S$50 for the 6ME. As the employer, you have to pay for this.

If your maid fails her 6ME, you must cancel her work permit and send her home immediately.

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