Housekeepers' Agency Pte Ltd specializes in NEW/FRESH and TRANSFER Maids. We are committed to matching employers with the right maid with compatible personality and skill sets. To this end, we have an exhaustive screening and selection system overseas.


In Singapore, we have a team of experienced Customer Relations Executives who will leave no stone unturned to find the right match for employers. We try harder for success.

For NEW / FRESH maids from the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. Our overseas partmers have training centres in Manila, Batam and Yangon that ensure that maids with correct mental frames are recruited, trained, observed and graded. We worked with accredited agents in these countries, and have accreditation with the Philippines Embassy in Singapore.


Our fresh maids are trained with the clear objective to train maids in basics of cooking, housekeeping, laundering, ironing and caring for a family of 5, with a married couple, a newborn and an infant, and an elderly.


Basic Oral English household vocabulary is also imparted. Webcam interviews are available. Fresh maids’ success rate and staying stint with employers is known to be higher, with longer and enduring employment period.


Fed up with constant transfers? Try our new Myanmar, Indonesian and Filipino maids who are more likely to be keen to earn, happy to learn, obliging and undemanding, willing to work harder and longer.

For TRANSFER Maids, we source only for those with good records of employment in Singapore.We have  usually ready transfer Filipino maid, transfer Indonesian maids and  transfer Myanmar maids for face to face interview and selection.  Interview in person and satisfy yourself with the maid of your choice at our premises.


Maid deployment is fairly immediate within one week,  while  fees are benignly low at equivalent of one month of the maid’s salary. You get what you see.

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