Managing Your Maid's Salary

Your Contract between you and your maid, and witnessed by Housekeepers’ staff will stipulate the agreed salary, off day compensation, if you and the maid agrees to forgo any number of off –days in a month.  Off day compensation is calculated by dividing the salary for a month divided by 26 days to arrive at compensation for one day off not taken.

The employer cannot pay the maid salary lower than that declared to MOM in the IPA.

You must pay your maid no later than 7 days after the last day of the salary period.

To avoid pay dispute, if you are paying by cash monthly, you must keep clear records showing the timely payment with dates and your maid’s acknowledging signature every month. This record will be referred to by MOM  in the event of a dispute. Read on, on Salary Disputes

The Employer is not allowed to keep the maid’s money even if she requests for it.

The better method is to open a bank account for your maid, see CDE Portal or POSB Portal. The employer is not allowed to keep the Bank Book or Bank Card.

Employers are not allowed to deduct their maid’s salary for breakage of employer’ properties or belongings.

Salary adjustment are allowed. Any downward adjustment of salary must be referred to MOM. Salary increase/s need not be reported to MOM. Contract Gratuity is encouraged and many employers do give when an elderly cared for passes away, or in appreciation of loyal and good performance. Many employers do offer salary increase of S$50 or more for renewal of contract every 2 yearly. 

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