Maid Management – Manage Your Expectations



A dream match over video may turn into a nightmare. In selecting a maid, be realistic in your expectations:

  • General. In general, maids, like our society’s children, has changed over the years. Some may think maids have become “less hardy” or even “soft”.

  • Today’s maids expect more consideration for their welfare and work rights. They are briefed by their Embassies and attend the MOM’s Settling-In Programme. Hence they are aware and may ask for the daily contracted sleep hours, assigned sleeping place, even not agreeing to “helping” grandma to clean the house while the grandchildren and the maid visit grandma’s apartment. Some, may even learnt at the SIP and on the social media on how to reach out to NGOs, MOM and their Embassies for assistance.

  • They may be perceived as “less hardy” than their mother’s generation as maids and are more inclined to use social media, socialise and has a lower threshold towards criticisms or a cloistered employment without days off for rest and meeting friends. Moreover, they may also be seen as using their hand phones too much. Prior agreement on hand phone use will be useful. Restricted hours of use, limited house wifi use by time, or an agreed time to call home periodically may help to manage this. Days off from 1 to 4 month, may be good for the maid to recharge.


  • Some say, if the maid is up to par 70%, that is good enough. Initially, she needs time, especially if she is new to overcome the cultural shock of a new country, to learn our language and intonation. They also need time to understand your family’s members and individual needs, where your house’s items are, what your expectations are for each duty. For example, the maid will not know how to prepare your coffee the way you want it unless you invest time to coach her. Show her once, ask her to prepare under supervision another time, and do it right on her own the third time. Presto, you can enjoy coffee the right way each and every time thereafter.

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