Visit Housekeepers Office

for Webcam or Face-to-face Interview

  1. Advice offered on lowest levy possible, fastest date of deployment possible

  2. On same day or next day, re-visit to sign contractual documents.

  At Housekeepers, You confirm            the Transfer Maid

and sight or sign:

  1. Standard Agreement btw Agency and Employer (Agency Fees, Replacement, Contingencies, Follow-up services)

  2. Contract between Employer and Maid (Salary, deductions loan, Off-days & compensation Agreement, Safety Agreement)

  3. Agreement with the Maid on the Job Scope

  4. Insurance Package and Security Bond

  5. Pay for the Agency Fees, Insurance Package & Security Bond to be purchased

  6. Confirm the tentative date of arrival of your maid  in Singapore

  Housekeepers prepares to    deploy maid:

  1. Apply to MOM for the In-Principle Approval

  2. Apply for your maid the Insurance Package and Security Bond

  3. Send the Maid for  medical examination, if due.


  Deployment day

  1. At Housekeepers, you sign the Maids Contract, Off day Agreement, Safety Agreement, Job Scope

  2. You pay the maid’s loan for her salary deductions

  3. You sign for the Maid deployment to your home

  4. Deployment day plus about one week, you or the maid can come and pick up the Maid’s Work Permit Card.

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